You can now join the Corby Town Supporters’ Trust online by clicking on the below link.


All payments are made securely via PayPal.

Membership Prices for 2012/13 are:

Adults: £5.00
Under 16’s: £1
Lifetime Membership: £50

We feel it is vital for Corby Town fans to have an independent voice and the Corby Town Supporters Trust can provide that voice. We urge every Corby Town fan to join the Trust and make our collective voice heard.

We want to make great strides, helping to push and challenge on the issues important to Corby Town fans. We aim to kick on again this season and firmly establish the Corby Town Supporters Trust as the vehicle to give Steelmen fans the representation they deserve.

We will consult our membership on all issues and then represent and push the issues that our membership feel are the most important to them. Sitting at the top of our agenda is one simple aim: To represent the views of and help Corby Town fans.

Corby Town Supporters’ Trust is a fully democratic organisation. Upon joining the Trust all shareholders then own 1 share in the organisation and will then have the right vote on all Trust matters. This includes both internal and external decisions and actions we as a Trust will take.

We will always strive to canvass the opinion of as many members as possible before taking any decisions or making any statements as representing our members fairly and accurately is at the very heart of what we want to do.


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