Our Vision

The Corby Town Supporters’ Trust aims to:

• Provide a voice for Corby Town fans.
• Bring the club back to the community of Corby, which it serves.
• Have an influence on the decision making at the club.
• Gain elected fan representation on the football club board.
• Purchase a shareholding in the club on behalf of Corby Town fans.

The Club – Corby Town Football Club

Corby Town Football Club is run as a sustainable business at whatever level of football, is central to the local community and with the fans fully represented at all levels.

• To ensure that Corby Town Football Club is operated in a financially prudent manner and ensure that there are structures in place that will balance risks with sound financial management.
• To gain more transparency from the current board.
• To understand the Football CV deal.
• To promote the positive public image and reputation of CTFC.
• To control a shareholding of CTFC both through shared ownership and the ability to exercise proxies.
• To ensure that ownership of CTFC is not dependent on any one individual.
• To ensure that the position of Fans Director is introduced and secured for all time.

Our Organisation (CTST)

CTST is run on a prudent and sustainable basis, representing all members and all fans.

• To ensure that CTST is operated in a financially prudent manner and ensure that there are structures in place that will balance risks with sound financial management.
• To promote the positive public image and reputation of CTST and Corby Town fans in general.
• To ensure that the club is safeguarded by maintaining and promoting strong and active CTST membership.
• To reflect the views of its members and fans.
• To develop and deliver clear objectives and to communicate progress on a regular basis

The Community

CTST actively represents members and fans in the local community and with statutory, business and non-profit organisations.

• To win more financial, political and practical support from within our community whilst building closer ties with the local authority, the business sector, non-profit and sporting organisations.
• To encourage CTFC to be a good neighbour within the local and wider community
• To promote and encourage local community schemes
• To promote supporters’ trusts at other clubs under the Supporters Direct organisation and model

The Stadium – Steel Park

Corby Town’s stadium meets the needs of supporters on match days, is commercially sustainable for the club and provides a vibrant resource for the wider community.

• To ensure that Steel Park is available as a public facility for the local community.
• To ensure the long term future of Steel Park for football use only.
• To use the stadium as a base for CTST and CTFC community activity.
• To work with the other tenants to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Our Values

CTST is welcoming and inclusive, forward thinking, with a positive attitude to challenge.

• To ensure CTST and club are run on sound ethical principles, encouraging equality and diversity.
• To ensure that CTST and Corby Town develop, manage and deliver systems and structures that are environmentally sustainable wherever possible.
• To maintain a “can do” attitude and a realistic level of ambition.


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